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Weekly Score Sheet Submission Form Ladies due 11:59 PM Wednesday and Mixed due 11:59 PM Thursday
Please follow the following instructions. 1. Click the Submit Score Sheet Button or the following link and complete the form. 2. When you click add file button at the bottom, a window will open. Click browse and your phone’s camera should load allowing you to take a picture. You may do this mutiple times to submit mutiple files. In the event the Google Form is not working: 1. Take pictures of your forms using medium resolution (no thumb nails and less than 10 MB total) 2. Open your email program (if on a Smart Phone with a linked email account, you can click the the following link electronicdofcc@gmail.com or select Email Score Sheet below) 3. In the subject line put your Division and Week of Play 4. Attach your picture(s) to the email.  5. Dues should be sent via Cash App User name $EDofCC 6. You should recieve a confirmation email after your submittal. If you did not: a. Verify that you attached your score sheet (system should not send a response without one) b. You are starting a new email chain (not responding to a previous email)
Email Score Sheet Email Score Sheet
Mandatory Team Meeting 29 April. 7:30 PM Airport Lounge
Submit Score Sheet Submit Score Sheet